Monday, May 9, 2011

Special Edition- Life and Friends


Last week, I downloaded HBO GO on my NEW white iphone 4! I love this application. It is an awesome smartphone program where you type in your HBO subscription digits and instantly have access to a combination of HBO movies, documentaries and shows.
At school or home or in any location with a decent WiFi source, you can count on HBO-GO to offer a constant source of entertainment. And yours free with the purchase of a Pedi Egg Foot File!

I've been watching HBO everywhere and have reawakened my love for Sex and the City. The best show ever written, in my television-addicted opinion. If you have never seen Sex and the City, it is a television series that chronicles the lives and loves of four single women living in Manhattan. It aired in the late 1990s. What I love about the show is how it beautifully captures the relationships between women and projects this kind of family tight image.

I guess I have been blessed with a ton of Carrie Bradshaw-luck because I have remarkable friends who are even better than the fictional Sex and the City characters! They are primo. I don't know any other person who is lucky enough to have such badass friends. Allow me to talk about these wonderfully-gorgeous people.

My friends are so pretty.


I am uncool. Seriously, I'm like the pre-love potion number eight Diane Farrow. I also secretly play World of Warcraft, read H.L Mencken and P.G Wodehouse daily, and rely on Netflix as my source of entertainment on a Friday night. But, ever since I was in the seventh grade, my friend Hailey has helped me hide my lameness and absorb myself in cliques of cool and beautiful people.
Hailey has and always will be fabulous. She even let me ride on her wave of popularity in high school. Over the years, she taught me how to cuss, play basketball, pitch a softball, make J├Ągerbombs, approach a hot guy, carry-on a conversation with a hot guy, and take shots, shots, shots! With Hailey by my side, I even tackled all the college experiences my nerdy self would normally pass on. Yes, I was privy to stellar undergraduate happenings and introduced to some ridiculously sexy dudes.
Aside from the coolness factor, Hailey is an absolutely amazing friend. She is unbelievably kind and unflagging in her efforts to lend a nonjudgmental ear, give advice or provide old-fashioned encouragement. She has, undoubtably, helped me become the woman I am today and I love her for it.

Lynsey is my little free-spirited firecracker and the most likable person ever, no joke. She can walk into a room full of people and within an hour everyone wants to be her friend. You cannot help but love this girl. I have always envied Lynsey's personality and mystique of style because she just puts herself out there (other people be dammed) and doesn't worry about what happens next.
I don't think she knows this, but out of all of my friends, she has taught me the most about myself. I miss the long talks in her Mitsubishi Eclipse.
Also, I am usually super high strung so being around her is a great buffer!
Lynsey taught me something very important too: how to dance. (When you are fifteen, and about to debut your dancing at teen night, proper dancing is very important!) I remember I had studied my moves in the mirror at my house. “Ok, I got this.” I thought. Then I showed Lynsey. As it turns out, jumping like a manic hippy and waving your arms in the air like an inflatable stick-person is NOT acceptable dancing. “Um, no.” Lynsey unsympathetically corrected me. “This is how you dance. No crazy arm waving. Just shake your butt with the rhythm.”

Tara has been my closest confidant since the fifth grade. She is my dazzling best friend and fills my life with love! I love my girl, TB! She is always smiling and brighting the day of everyone she meets.
Growing up, when we weren't riding on our retro bikes to the snow cone stand or hosting a faux talk radio show on our Fisher Price cassette player, Tara was teaching me about all things rap music. At first, I was apprehensive about not having the rap swag or the ability to hop with the hippest but Tara assured me I would learn to love it. (I did.)
In terms of maturity, Tara has always been 2000 miles northwest of me. While she was spending all night talking to boys on her landline, I was playing my kick-ass Nintendo 64 or creating new magic/card tricks to preform for anyone who would watch. Today, she is still on another level of maturity than me and already has a fantastically-beautiful-awe-inspiring family.
Tara is a marvelous mother. She could give seminars on parenting. I used to  think having my own kids would suck hard, but watching how loving and caring Tara is with her offspring makes me want my own, someday in the very distant future. It really is breathtaking to see how wonderful she is with her cute little boys. She has somehow perfected the balance of being a great mom and a positively spectacular friend. True skill, fo' sho'.

Like many slacker Biology majors, I met Taylor while sitting on the back row of Organic Chemistry 3201. Our friendship blossomed into existence when we both came to the realization we would need each other to pass this freakishly hard class taught by a first-rate Harvard douche. We leaned on each other for support and eventually made it through with passing grades and a new friendship. ( Also, Taylor would graciously sign me in if I was late. Awww!)
Ever since our infamous semester, we have become the closest of friends. What I love about Taylor is she is like a wise little Buddha. Her knowledge about relationships and life runs deep! She is the first person I call for advice and the only friend who can read my emotions like a book. Taylor is unfailing in her loyalty and blessed with a wonderfully wise soul. I love my Tay Tay!

Rebecca and I have been friends for many years and she, by far, has been the biggest supporter of my blog and my writing. I owe her a very special hug of gratitude for her endless love. She is an assiduous reader and the most loyal and committed ally I could ask for.

The two of us have always had a unique bond. Our friendship was built on a love for All My Children. Yes, All My Children. The classic soap opera. Don't judge!

One day I was paired up with Rebecca in our Business Computer Information Class, I didn't know her very well because we ran with different peeps, but I recognized her as a closeted soaps groupie like me. “Dude, I'm sad today. I think they are killing off my favorite character on this soap opera I watch.” I announced after we completed our assignment. “His name is Leo Du Pres. Seriously, this gorgeous hunk of flesh who is too pretty to be killed.” Rebbecca looked at me and suddenly responded, “WHAT!! Not Josh Duhamel's character!!!”

(Request: Let us all bow our heads for the cancelation of All My Children. I'm sorry you were the ABC's sacrificial lamb, Erica Kane. RIP.)

After several weeks in our class, I decided Rebecca was the most fascinating and funniest person I had ever met. We became thick as thieves. Along with being affable and easy to talk to, she is the most laid-back, down-for-whatever young lady I have ever known. Really, Rebecca is up for anything from going out dancing and drinking to staying in and building the Titanic out of Legos.

We also both harbor a desire for John Corbett and are still on team Aiden. Who's with us?? Damn you Sex and the City 2!! Ughhh!

Marley is my very best friend. She is one of the greatest people in Texas and I would bet the entire world. Marley is the Laverne to my Shirley, the Shawn to my Gus, the Joey to my Chandler, the Betty to my Wilma, the yin to my yang, if you will. She is too sweet for words.

Marley was my college roommate. We met and three hours later we were buying matching Harry Potter key chains and laughing uncontrollably. We lived the life of struggling and sloth-like undergrads, rising at around 10:00, chowing down Maruchan Roasted Chicken Flavor Ramen and walking to campus for class. On the weekends, when I wasn't stuck in the basement level of the library, we would hunker down with some fabulous food and watch movies or rendezvous with friends at our place of choice. 

The days when I came home feeling like crap, my best friend would be there to lift my spirits. She is the the ultimate team player and always there for her friends. Truthfully, Marley is more than a friend, she like my sister. We are both going to find uber-cool and handsome guys, get married and have our families live next door to each other. With a pool going across both of our yards, of course. (Psych-style!)

We talk every day and I die with laughter when we cover our random topics:

Me: I bought something called glacier water today.
Marley: Does it taste like global warming?
Me: It kind of does, man. I bet Al Gore is pissed.
Marley: Robert Hanssen reminds me of Al Gore
Me: Somewhere in Nashville, Al Gore just went into A-fib. 

We can chat like that for hours.

Randomly...The Arrested Development chicken dance at Disney World. I miss you, Michael Bluth. CASH MONEY IN THE BANANA STANDDD!! PEACE.